Optimize Bookings

MAPRO's reservation solutions empower you to make smarter decisions, maximize revenue, and deliver exceptional guest experiences.


Masterful Multi-Calendar. Control all your properties effortlessly with MAPRO’s unified calendar, making management a breeze.

Property calendar

Take control of your property calendar. Easily adjust pricing, reservations, and minimum nights with MAPRO’s exclusive property calendar.


Expand your property portfolio seamlessly with MAPRO’s Homeshare. Sell properties from other PMCs quickly and integrate them effortlessly.

Reservation manager

Elevate your reservation game with Reservation Manager. Seamlessly manage bookings, monitor property availability, and boost occupancy for your property.

Performance dashboard

Stay in control with the Performance Dashboard. Access instant property performance data, occupancy rates, and financials for smarter decision-making.

Direct bookings website

Elevate your brand with a Direct Bookings Website from MAPRO. Attract guests and boost revenue with a customized, commission-free booking platform.

Elevate Guest Communication with AI-Powered Solution

Elevate guest interaction: Harness the power of AI for seamless communication and enhanced hospitality.