Automate your success

MAPRO's automation tools simplify property management, from guest interactions to maintenance tasks. Experience a more efficient and streamlined approach, allowing you to invest your time where it matters most – growing your business.

Automation tools

Streamline operations with automation. MAPRO’s automation tools simplify property management, saving time and boosting efficiency.

Automated messages

Automated messaging for guests sends personalized messages, updates, and reminders to your guests for a hassle-free experience.

Preventive maintenance

Keep your property in top-notch condition. MAPRO helps you prevent issues before they arise so you can extend the life of your property.

Automated payments

Manage all of your finances with MAPRO. Our Automated Payments eliminate tedious manual work and ensure accurate, on-time payments.

Smart locks

Smart locks are the easiest way for guests to enjoy a safe, hassle-free check-in process. No in-person key exchange is needed!

Smart pricing

Price your properties without the hassle. Synchronize property rates and respond to market changes to effortlessly maximize profitability.


Online contracts work just like traditional paper contracts. Digital signatures and automated email notifications simplify the booking process for your guests.

SMS notifications

We send SMS alerts to your cleaning and maintenance crews to ensure your property is handled.

Elevate Guest Communication with AI-Powered Solution

Elevate guest interaction: Harness the power of AI for seamless communication and enhanced hospitality.